Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The skies have parted and the angels are singing!
It is that time of year again...
I know I shouldn't even admit this, but I seriously get giddy when I know these sweet babies are hitting the store shelves.
Then you throw in one of these...

and life is good!
Some people might know that I have a "slight" (ahem) addiction to M&M's.  But what these same people might not know is that I have a "slightly" bigger addiction to Mint M&M's.  I haven't even opened the bag yet because I don't trust myself.  Once it is open all bets are off!   (but I did plan ahead, I bought two bags.  I would have bought more but I was too embarrassed.)

I love the holidays!

  I might have to put the kids to bed early!
Enjoy your holidays!    

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All that Halloween Jazz

Well we did it.  I feel like Halloween was a month long event.  Once you factor in pumpkin patch trips, trips to the store to get pumpkins for the kid who didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch, shopping for costumes, planning for parties, going to parties and finally trick or treating.  All I'm saying is I'm glad it's November 1st.
Here are a few pics of the last couple of weeks.
First up the pumpkin patch.

I know lame, I only got one picture of my girls in front of a blow up pumpkin and none of them with the real pumpkins.  Next up...carving! 
my picky eater
eewww! pumpkin guts!
Marien digging in!

Their DAD, showing them how to play with pumpkin guts.
So mature!

Trying to get pictures outside as a single bolt of lightening and crack of thunder hit.
Explains the look on Marien's face.  Very spooky!

my lil' pumpkins with their pumpkins!
 Costumes and Parties.  We have a great group of friends and we have all had kids at the same time.  So we try to get together as much as possible.  We have pretty much always done some sort of harvest party.  And the big hit is the donut game.

We also did face painting

Now the costumes...


fairy princess

ladybug.  really, is there anything cuter than her tights?
 Alright, now that Halloween is done it's time to get ready for, I can't even say the word, but you know what I mean.