Monday, March 5, 2012

The Food Bandit strikes again!

We seem to have a problem with keeping Ruby out of the pantry.  The girl loves to snack.  This is what I found tonight when I was helping Marien with some school work...
and she had the nerve to smile all cute like!
She was picking the marshmallows out and leaving the rest of the cereal on the floor.

uh oh, caught again!

Going for the wide-eye innocent look!

This is why I need to keep the pantry locked... to keep the food bandit from striking again! 

Barbie Yoga

I walked into Marien's room the other day and this was what I found...
This totally explains their amazing figures!  They had been like this for hours and they were still smiling.

And really, if you are going to do yoga, it should be done in a beautiful dress or stunning gown. I know totally random post but I thought it was funny.  I find them in random poses all over the house.  Maybe I need to start a series, though I might be the only one who finds it funny.

He's a baller!

Isaac just wrapped up his second Upward Basketball season and it was a great one.  Jason was his coach again this year.  Though Isaac didn't score every game he definitely had an awesome time.  Plus I really enjoyed the jersey colors this year (Go Cougs! um I mean Jaguars!)

The tunnel they get to run through.  They announce the starting five and there is even a smoke machine.

getting pumped!

He can't wait for next season.