Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The skies have parted and the angels are singing!
It is that time of year again...
I know I shouldn't even admit this, but I seriously get giddy when I know these sweet babies are hitting the store shelves.
Then you throw in one of these...

and life is good!
Some people might know that I have a "slight" (ahem) addiction to M&M's.  But what these same people might not know is that I have a "slightly" bigger addiction to Mint M&M's.  I haven't even opened the bag yet because I don't trust myself.  Once it is open all bets are off!   (but I did plan ahead, I bought two bags.  I would have bought more but I was too embarrassed.)

I love the holidays!

  I might have to put the kids to bed early!
Enjoy your holidays!    

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