Monday, September 12, 2011

1st Days of Schools

I am lumping Isaac's and Marien's first day of school.  Isaac started 1st grade last Wednesday and loved it.  He loves his teacher, recess and of course lunch.  He was pretty emotional by Friday night and I figure this could be a rough week as we settle into a new routine. 
Marien started morning preschool this am.  She is at Ms. Jenny's three days a week and could hardly stand that Isaac had started but not her.  So needless to say, today was very excited.  I got a couple of hours to myself with Ruby.  I am loving that I get some one-on-one time with her.  Plus errands are so much easier with just one!

Can you tell he loves Star Wars?

A desk that opens!

Walking home from school!

Marien's turn!

My lil' darlings!

I was told this was the last picture!
And did you notice?  Someone has ponies in her hair!  Maybe I will have one girl who will let me braid, barrette and pony her hair.  I hope so!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe my little boy is seven.  Seriously, where did the time go?  He seems so much older to me this year or maybe I feel that way every year and just don't remember.  Isaac loves Star Wars.  He eats, breathes, and sleeps Star Wars.  At least once every day I will hear something like, "Mom, did you know General Grievous....or Mom, remember in Star Wars, The Clone Wars 1, Obe Wan did this...? (I have a feeling I didn't spell those correctly but I don't really care.)  I usually just shake me head in agreement as I have yet to sit through all of the movies.  I know, horrible parenting that I don't what my child is fully watching but I just can't make it happen.  He is a loving and caring older brother, a definite rule lover and believes in justice, maybe a career as a lawyer.  He loves school and hanging out with Dad.
Here is a brief recap of the last seven years...
1 day old!

1 year old!
2nd birthday

3rd birthday

1st day of preschool (4)
Mr. Incredible infatuation (5)

the love begins (6)

7 years old!!!!
Happy Birthday Isaac
We love you!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well I got some work done on the fireplace.  I painted the backs of the shelves and spray painted the brass.  I have decided that I will paint the backs a darker blue.  Probably the same color as the table.  I really like the fireplace cover now.  It seems to disappear whereas before it screamed brass at you, at least that is how I felt when I looked at it. 

It's funny that it one of the features we loved when we looked at the house, the fireplace cover.  In fact the lady that we bought the house from wanted to keep it since it had been a gift.  We told her no, maybe we should have let her keep it and then it would have saved me a few hours of work ten years later.
so long bright brass
So it's getting better.  I think I will paint the darker blue later this fall.  It will be a good rainy day project.  I want to enjoy the last few days of summer. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  We will be celebrating this not-so-little boy's 7th birthday. 
Where did the time go? (sigh)