Friday, September 2, 2011


Well I got some work done on the fireplace.  I painted the backs of the shelves and spray painted the brass.  I have decided that I will paint the backs a darker blue.  Probably the same color as the table.  I really like the fireplace cover now.  It seems to disappear whereas before it screamed brass at you, at least that is how I felt when I looked at it. 

It's funny that it one of the features we loved when we looked at the house, the fireplace cover.  In fact the lady that we bought the house from wanted to keep it since it had been a gift.  We told her no, maybe we should have let her keep it and then it would have saved me a few hours of work ten years later.
so long bright brass
So it's getting better.  I think I will paint the darker blue later this fall.  It will be a good rainy day project.  I want to enjoy the last few days of summer. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend.  We will be celebrating this not-so-little boy's 7th birthday. 
Where did the time go? (sigh)

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