Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two birds, one stone!

This year Isaac and Marien were willing to have a joint birthday party.  Since they still have the majority of same friends it made for a very fun and easy party.  The shindig was held at Jump-n-Bounce.  What a great spot!  They had the whole place to themselves and those kids did not stop running for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Which made it very hard to get many pictures so there are many of Ruby since she was not moving around much.  I think it was a tad overwhelming.
The kids scored on presents, the cupcakes were edible though not pretty to look at and the company was great.  I hope they remember this birthday and I am so thankful they still like each other and wanted to share this party together. 
Of course we had to incorporate both of their favorite themes, Star Wars and Tangled.  So this was my attempt at being creative.

the big slide is always a hit

uh oh, someone likes speed!

Uncle Marc was in town for hunting and came out of the woods to join in the fun!

The Whole Gang!

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