Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Kitchen

You might remember what our old kitchen used to look like...if not here are some pictures to jog your memory.

I was packing...it wasn't always this messy!

 another view
I spent many days and nights packing and towards the end just started throwing things wherever I could find a spot.  Friday night, Jason rented the uhaul, went to the hardware store and picked up supplies (sheetrock, boards and our new interior doors).  We then proceeded to load the uhaul with our furniture to be stored for the next month.  The kids had been dropped off at my mom's, so bright and early the next morning we could get started.
Several of our very good friends (Matt, Mark and Jared) agreed to help with the demo.  I truely thought we (and I mean them) would be working all day.  The actual demo only took 4 1/2 hrs.  It was unloading the packed uhaul, which we used as a garbage truck, and clean up that took a much longer time.

ripping out counters and cabinets

The half wall coming down, we left the post in case this was a loadbearing wall.

Matt removing the tile

Jason & Jared removing that awful fake wood wall in the living room
(My cabinet doors were made from the same material, it must have been on sale)

The fake wood wall and the soffetts were the worst part of the demo, so I was told.  I pretty much stayed out of the way, added my two cents when necessary and supplied the food and drinks.  Here you can see the dust that settled on my family room furniture.  The room had been blocked by plastic but it didn't do any good.  I will admit that I had a bit of a panic attack halfway through the demo.  The realization that there was no going back and we would be roughing it really sunk in.

looking into the kitchen, standing were the half wall had been

looking into the living room

After the demo, the kitchen felt even smaller.  I spent the next couple of days trying to clean up, which is impossible.  The plumbers started and finished their portion and the electrician gets started tomorrow. 
We are using a guy that works for the company that did our basement.  He comes over in the evenings and works.  As of now the new pantry is framed and the sliding door is on.  He took down the post (not a load bearing wall).  Which has made a huge difference.

The new pantry

looking into the kitchen with the post gone
I also thought I would throw in a picture of Jason doing the dishes in the front yard with the hose.  See, we are camping!

What must the neighbors think?
Well that is all for now.  I will share more as we go. 


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