Monday, June 13, 2011

Where I cook...

I thought I would share where I am attempting to cook and I use that term loosely.  We have set up not 1 but 2 makeshift kitchens.  The first and used most often is in the living room.  I have a cupboard with supplies, cereal, peanut butter/honey, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.  The microwave is here, though we don't use it a ton.  Then I have a folding table that is my attempt at counter space.  This space is where we eat most our meals.  It is ALWAYS dusty, I can't imagine how much dirt and dust we have ingested.

I did actually clean this up before the photo
The hamper under the table holds pots and pans and my electric skillet.  That skillet, has been a God-send. I didn't use it much before but have used it most nights.  Jason hates to clean it but tough cookies for him.

The second kitchen is in the garage and consists of the fridge, a table and shelf.  The only reason I am calling in a kitchen is that is where the milk gets added to the cereal and I might cut up fruit or something out there.  I must say this kitchen situation has dramatically cut down on my snacking as I am too lazy to walk out to the garage for something to eat.

2nd kitchen
 As we roll into the second week of this remodel I feel a little more prepared and at ease with the situation.  I have accepted the dust and dirt.  I am more mentally prepared or maybe the shock of the situation has worn off.  Whatever the case, we have adjusted.  Plus, we are seeing lots of progress which helps immensely.
Here are some pics of the new arched doorway and the sheetrock.  The ceiling will be done this week along with the mudding, taping and sanding.  It will be an intensely dirty week.

 Just a little note...we had rain this morning and as I was walking through the kitchen I could hear it very clearly on the roof.  It was very unnerving to look up and see only rafters and roof.  I prayed for no leaks but maybe this would be the best time to deal with them versus when the new floors are down.

the new arches

This pile of wood is our new floor, it is aclimating!

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